Friday, November 25, 2011


…..well actually Yuki Ko was the name given to our rescued Akita by Tomiko.  Yuki meaning ‘snow’ and Ko denoting a ‘female’.  These past few months Yuki decided she no longer could jump into the car to go to B-Elegant for her grooming and hosing her down on the driveway as I previously showed you wasn’t that much fun.  So, I got a doggie ramp and a lifting halter but you can figure out how that worked for us.

Cathy’s Critter Cleaners came to the rescue and Alfredo was WONDERFUL….Yuki had never looked so good.  I suspect he used the furminator on her.








Everything seemed to be going along splendidly until Monday morning when Yuki decided she was done.  Time to say goodbye.  She was 13 1/2 which for a doggie her size is pretty awesome.

Saying goodbye……………..


I thought it appropriate to remember Yuki by what she said for Christmas 2000.

“Dreams do come true…as I lay on the cold concrete at the Animal Shelter, I would dream of a warm bed and food beyond imagining.  Somewhere there had to be love and play and happy doggie times.  I found it with my new family and asked them to send you this message.

May you always have lots of frisbee time and squirrels to chase.  Long romps to lighten the heart and bring joy to all.

May your kibble bowl runneth over and may there be extra treats and surprises.

May you always have adventures and friends to share them with and when you sleep at night may you be blessed with a soft pillow and lovely, sweet dreams.”


Goodnight dear Yuki……………


Julie (O-kami) said...

Aw, Nan, I am so sorry for your loss. It is so wonderful that you were able to provide her with so many loving years in her forever home. I know that she will provide you with many more wonderful years of remembering your time together

Anonymous said...

Dear Nan
I am so sorry for your loss. I have said goodbye to 8 dogs in my life and I know that the whole pack will be waiting for me someday when I cross the rainbow bridge.
Sending you love and hugs

olga+family said...

Oh, dear Yuki!...Nan, she looks awesome in this last picture! We'll miss her at the doorbell and her cookie ritual:)
She was a very lucky dog with lots of personality.
Goodnight dear Yuki Ko.
we love you.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Yuki, you have been and always will be loved by a woman who truly knows how to love deeply, your human mother. Your dad, Charles, will carry you in his heart always. How lucky you were and how happy you all made each other! Such a precious gift of sharing that never ends. Keep on playing Yuki, and when it's time, bound across the Rainbow Bridge for a joyous reunion with your people, your Forever Friends. You made everyone who met you love you, including me. I wish you lots and lots of cookies! Love, Lisa


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