Wednesday, July 22, 2015


…..began last week. If you go to the Dorothy Chandler for lunch in the Founder’s Room before an afternoon performance there’s scarcely a soul there and you can stand under the circle and make echoes.  Fun stuff like splashing in the rain. Oh please, grow up!  Noooooooo!!!


IMG 1569

With Tina Marie in the Founders Room having lunch before the afternoon performance.

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This was really good….

IMG 1575

We had the best seats thanks to Tina Marie….

IMG 1577

Back to the Founder’s Room for intermission.  I am addicted to the cookies and nuts!

IMG 1578

Roberto Bolle is arguably the best male dancer in the world today!  It really is like watching perfection!

IMG 1585

I had to get this book of exquisite photos after the performance.  Don’t judge me!

IMG 1591

On the way home I stopped at mom’s as it was Sunday.  Just in time...Otto and Vicki were off to the Black Angus Steak House with mom & guess what….I wasn’t invited.

IMG 1598

Vicki messaged me this photo later.  Come on mom….behave yourself!

IMG 1702

Moving on….Vanity Fair is now delivering the magazine by hand along with the New York Times.  Interesting….Is this because subscribers can’t even wait an extra moment to receive it???

IMG 1603Time to catch up with Kathy…..

IMG 1612….and Isabel….

IMG 1614

At  Kiwami in Studio city.  Everything was wonderful!

IMG 1615

IMG 1609

IMG 1610

IMG 1618

Just time to dash home to go to the movies with Sweet Amy!  We saw a double header….

IMG 1662Inside Out…..(Don’t miss it!)

IMG 1623And Minions…..

IMG 1648

Afterwards I got the CD at Barnes and Noble…. it’s great driving in the car music…sort of  what I think taking speed would be like only in sound….

IMG 1649

We had dinner at Amici Trattoria.  Great Italian food at Americana and their Tomato soup is wonderful!….Amy & Nikka are the worst….they absolutely refuse to let me take their photo!

IMG 1653See what I mean,,,,,,,,,,,

IMG 1657

The sole is also perfect and these tomatoes with basil are soooooo good!

IMG 1665

The sky was unusually beautiful that night….

IMG 1659

O.K. Kita….lets see if we can get rid of some of that undercoat….

IMG 1674

IMG 1681

A lot of people make pillows out of their dogs undercoat or even sweaters but I think that’s kinda creepy….

IMG 1689

Vicki does it again.  We’re loving the Green Chef.  Three meals delivered on Wednesday and everything is organic and very fresh.

IMG 1694

IMG 1701

Class at the Huntington was so much fun! The time just flew by….

IMG 1705

Afterwards Ralph and I stopped in the new courtyard for a gelato & talked about the November trip to Japan.  We’re excited!!!  Pam & Wilbur stopped by & joined in for an ice cream party!

IMG 1712

Oh boy, this cod was delicious and look how beautifully Vicki plated it! The Green Chef again...

IMG 1713This is what the contents of each package looks like.

IMG 1715

Ahhhhh Thursday and time to say goodbye to the California King bed…….

IMG 1718

It was really like new as I only slept on a little bit of one side…..

IMG 1721

Bloomies rolled out the Red Carpet…..

IMG 1733

Not only did they adjust the bed frame but they cleaned up under the bed.  Embarrassing!

IMG 1728

Look how much room I have now.  I can open the shutters to go out to the patio and I’ve taken all the piles of ’stuff' off the little chair and love sitting in it now.

IMG 1734

Meanwhile Francisco and Jimmy are trying to figure out why the fountain still leaks...

IMG 1731

I left to retrieve my passport from the bank and discovered….no bell.  Where’s the bell???  Turns out people were ‘abusing the bell’.  Is that as funny to you as it is to me?

IMG 1735

Continuing with the rash of domesticity new plants and trees arrived for the planters in front of the house.

IMG 1741

But I was off to meet Lizzie Girl in NoHo for my birthday lunch.  (Correct.  And yes, I know it’s July.) We were both accosted walking to Daphne’s Greek restaurant on Lankershim and wondered if we should pick another area to meet.

IMG 1779So yummy…..

IMG 1747

IMG 1748

Thank you Lizzie for this wonderful book….I love it!

IMG 1815

I didn’t tell Lizzie I had seen Inside Out as I knew she’d want to see something else & I didn’t want her to miss it.  Besides…..I caught even more seeing it again.

IMG 1754

You really understand the place of sadness watching this…especially at the end.

IMG 1759

IMG 1777

I think Kim has a shoes fettish.  From what I’ve been told these are collectors items ….they all have special names and are very hard to get plus being expensive.

IMG 1785

Saturday’s class in the studio was great!  New student Farley rode up on her Vespa and I knew we’d have more fun….

IMG 1791

Everyone was tortured with the Mum leaf and then it was on to Koi/Carp and a moon...

IMG 1798

Meanwhile….the fountain was returned after being worked on in the shop and guess what…..They forgot to bring back the Rainjet element that makes it spray out.  Still waiting.

IMG 1796

I consoled myself by eating Lizzie’s chocolate…...

IMG 1800

….and enjoying the new plants….

IMG 1803

Kita approves too!

IMG 1805

The Rosemary that was in the large white pot got delegated to a smaller patio...

IMG 1816

Wishing you a perfect week and  beautiful blue skies!IMG 1790

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There is no avoiding the pull of the internet, the blogs, the YouTube imaginings. It's as if we're all 'On the Road' with Jack Kerouac each in our own world of meanderings. When we tell someone to 'get a life' it might be a bit difficult when you're dragged into other people's 24/7.

I've come to realize two foundational principals, there are no accidents and everyone has a purpose. More and more I'm desiring everyone to come into a full realization of their purpose as we all find our way on this little jewel of a planet.

For me, as a professional 'Western style artist', I stumbled into Chinese Brush Painting after a trip in 1980 to Monet's home/garden. Seeing all of his collection of Japanese woodblock prints was an ahh haa moment for me and when I returned to the States I started painting in the Chinese manner and never looked back. The first year was extremely painful for me as I felt that I should be able to master the technique since I was a 'trained' artist. Not a chance ... that just gets in your way.

Now, after teaching close to 3,000 students and having my book 'The Ch'i of the Brush' published by Watson Guptill, I can say that every one of my students does better their first day than I did my first year! Why? Because I insist that they leave their critical parent outside and just enjoy the journey, respecting the work that they do. I never let anyone throw anything away because that just ingrains frustration and defeat.

We really only begin to learn when we stop and figure out how to 'save' a painting. It works every time.I am so proud of my students, their receptivity and eagerness to express themselves is a continuing blessing for me.So, back to finding your purpose. Perhaps it starts with realizing 'it's not about me'. It so easy to want our needs met and to filter everything thru this attitude. When we realize that we're here to be of benefit to every life that we touch the universe really provides the ways and means.

The best part is that it's really exciting to not have yourself on your mind all the time!I'm re-reading a wonderful book about authenticity and in my next meandering I'll tell you about it. In the meantime I'd love to hear about your journey and am here to answer any and all questions about Chinese Brush Painting.